Starting from €. /m

Enterprise (EU)

Iban: SE
Sepa: Yes
Extra Sepa: Yes
Multi currency: Yes
Debit: Yes
Virtual: Yes
Gateway: Yes

The Enterprise business account is the European payment tool that best suits your business needs and can be customized as you wish. The price will be established on the basis of requests.

Clients who choose this account have access to multi-currency accounts, payment card issuance and acquisition solutions across Europe.

All services are developed around a secure and always up-to-date internet platform, accessible 24 hours a day, in accordance with the current banking and risk management regulations provided by the authorized financial institution *

If your monthly transactions exceed 200, we can negotiate the cost of the package.


  • Activate physical or virtual debit cards for a chip fee
  • Make payments anywhere in the world
  • Multi-currency account USD, GBP, SEK, NOK, DKK, PLN, AUD, EUR
  • Get paid from anywhere in the world without commissions
  • Make urgent payments
  • Accept online payments with our gateway

Year max turnover unlimited

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