Starting from €. 16.66 /m

Start-up (Malta)

Iban: MT
Sepa: Yes
Extra Sepa: Yes
Multi currency: No
Prepaid: Yes

The business account Start-up, allows the control of all financial flows and is designed to follow your business, in the payment phases, from the provision to the reception.

All services are developed around a secure and always up-to-date internet platform, accessible 24 hours a day, in accordance with the current banking and risk management regulations provided by the authorized financial institution *

  • Services
    Activate a Mastercard without additional costs from SEPA community members
  • Make payments from anywhere in the world
  • Receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Make urgent payments Accept online payments
  • Activate the Mastercard company for your employees without losing control and security

Year max turnover €. 50,000

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