Starting from €. 1.25 /m

User Account (Malta)

Iban: MT
Sepa: Yes
Extra Sepa: No
Multi currency: No
Prepaid: Yes

User account is the multi-platform payment account with a portfolio that manages an unlimited number of credit cards and savings channels.

Why is an account convenient with us?
In less than 48 hours * we provide you with an online platform for managing your credit.

Bank transfer
You can receive money by SEPA or EXTRASEPA bank transfer or top up with cash at authorized offices.

Prepaid card
Prepaid card to withdraw all over the world and you can also top it up from your phone quickly and easily.

With Malta Business personal account you can:

  • Activate your Mastercard at no additional cost in the states belonging to the SEPA Community
  • Pay to anyone around the world
  • Receive money from anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Make urgent payments
  • You can also get a personalized Iban SEPA

Balance Max €. 30’000

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