Prepaid card

The prepaid debit cards of the MasterCard® circuit are fast and safe cards.

Simplified budgeting

Using a Prepaid card to manage your finances is more convenient than using checks because funds are immediately deducted from your checking account

Simple request

You can ask for them directly online from your control panel, you will be delivered instantly showing only an identity document, a proof of delivery and paying the amount of recharge.


With several authentication features, and the assurance of one of the biggest circuits in the world.

Everything under control

Having an electronic record of every transaction the moment you make it can be a real time saver, and makes keeping track of what you spend a snap.

Includes Internet Banking

All our cards include Internet Banking Features: a comfortable control panel that helps you manage your finances and move funds.

Accepted worldwide

You can pay in any currency in every outlet online or offline that accepts Mastercard®.

Request information to get your prepaid card